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Meet Members of the Friends of Barrowby School

Karen Gray


2013 was the year my first born joined Barrowby CE Primary School and the very first year I was asked to go along and see what FOBs (Friends of Barrowby School) was all about, with a view to joining the Committee, or even just as a helper, at events.


As you can imagine, it was all a little daunting to begin with, walking in to a room where there was lots of talking going on – but as soon as I popped my head round the door everyone was so friendly and inviting; it put me at ease.  A coffee was soon placed in my hand, I was introduced to everyone and soon realised what a friendly, positive group they were, who were up for a 'laugh' but also wanted to raise as much money as possible to support the School. Hence I joined and have made some great friends.


There is a lot of planning which goes into the fundraising events but everyone gets involved and does what they can; when time allows, with us all having families.  This shares out the workload and we all feel part of the group.


Some highlights for me are the Christmas Nativities, Christmas Concerts, Summer Fair (bi annual) and of course, Sports Day.


We all have a great time, laugh along the way but most importantly, have an input into how the monies raised support school developments. One of the current projects is the School library, which FOBs has helped raise monies towards.  The school created a 'Working Party' of school community members. I am the FOBs representative, on this committee and I am looking forward to supporting this development and liaising with fellow FOBs members, at meetings, bringing them up to speed with the latest updates. 


I can honestly say I have thoroughly enjoyed my continued time with FOBs and look forward to helping out in the years to come.

Kirsty Pickering

FoBS Member


2006.........! That was the year that Tom Cruise married Katie Holmes, and the year that Steve Irwin died after being killed by a barb from a time flies !But 2006 was also the year I joined the FOBS group at Barrowby Primary School.


My first contact with FOBS was to go along with a friend to the new parents coffee morning which was being held in the first few weeks of the School year.  I wasn’t sure what I was letting myself in for, but I have to say that as well as coffee and biscuits, I actually found that the group were friendly, really sociable  people,  who were up for having a laugh.  But at the same time all had one thing in common; which was to raise as much money as possible for school for the “extra’s” which made the children’s time in School even better.


Over the years I have made some good friends who I have really enjoyed working with.  Fund raising activities such as the Christmas Fayre, Indulgence Evening, Quiz night have been really successful.  And although a lot of planning goes into these events they are still fun to do, and I have enjoyed working as part of a team.


My favourite events, as a FOBS member, have to be the Christmas Activities held in School, I'm normally in charge of the raffle! But as my time at Barrowby CE Primary School comes to an end, I wish the FOBS group every success for the future.  


Claire Thomas

FoBS Member

I joined FOBs, when my eldest son started at Barrowby Ce Primary School in September 2014. We had not long moved to Barrowby and it seemed a good way to meet people. (It was. Now there is always a friendly face at the school gates).  Also I am inherently nosey and wanted to know as much as possible of what was going on in the school! 


The first meeting was a bit daunting but the whole group were so welcoming and friendly that any anxiety I felt was soon forgotten. I have a younger son, who is not in school. I bring him (and a box of Lego) along to the meetings.  He is not overly quiet but no one minds. My husband works away a lot.  Especially in the first year, I was not able to help much, however this was never an issue.


I am not on the committee, I am a volunteer and help out when I can. The emphasis is very much on what time I can give, rather than there being any expectation or specific commitment.  None of it is overly difficult; its tasks such as serving tea and coffee at Harvest Festival, selling raffle tickets at the nativity, helping 'man' the book fair etc. The meetings are generally once every half term, unless there is something 'big' coming up that needs a bit more input.


At the meetings, I always feel I have the opportunity to speak and am listened to. It is a great opportunity to hear what the school are doing, how they are spending the money raised and to feed into the system. FOBs isn't just about fundraising, it is the interface between parents and teachers and it's about supporting that whole community.  I hope to be part of FOBs for as long as I have children in attendance at the school. I have met some truly wonderful people.


Not only are they a very friendly and funny bunch, they are all willing to go that little extra to help the school, my children's school, so all the pupils have new and exciting opportunities that, without FOBs would not be possible.