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Reception & Year 1 Mrs Banfield

Welcome to Reception & Year 1
Mrs Banfield

Homes and Habitats


Spring has sprung and new life is among us! The daffodils, the daisies, the butterflies and the bees will be making an appearance in our own Photo Story poetry. We cannot wait to get outside and discover how our environment is changing in this new season!


Throughout the ages people have built protection around them: Stone Age people lived in caves and made defences to keep out wild animals, the first towns and cities had walls to keep out invaders and Kings and nobles fortified their large homes to protect themselves. Castles will be our focus and we will learn how to protect these impressive homes from the enemy! We will learn about how castles have changed over time and learn about the different parts of a castle.



We will also learn about a contrasting locality and we cannot wait to learn about Madagascar and the animals that are indigenous to this magnificent island.



We will then travel back in time to September 1666 when the heart of England’s capital, the city of London, was devastated by fire. With only narrow streets dividing wooden buildings, the fire took hold rapidly and within an hour the Mayor, Sir Thomas Bloodworth, had been woken with the news. Samuel Pepys lived near by and on Sunday morning walked to the Tower of London, there he saw the fire heading west, fanned by the wind and described what happened next. Extracts from his diary will help us to gain a further knowledge about this significant event in history.









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