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Year 4 - Mr Caton and Mr Woolerton

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Mr Caton and Mrs Beveridge

Rome wasn't built in a day...

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During this first term the children will learn about life in Ancient Rome , incorporating elements of this into all curriculum areas. Through the study of primary and secondary sources the children will gain an insight into life in Ancient Rome and have an understanding of how this still impacts on our modern world. They will embark on journey of historical and geographical enquiry when they discover where Rome is and how it came into being, exploring everything from everyday life to life of a Roman soldier. We will encourage children to become independent learners through the use of information books and exploring the internet for information, developing their safety and information retrieval skills by checking the information they find for accuracy. Being able to show empathy is an important social skill which will enable the children to have an appreciation of the difference between life then and now; with our high expectations encouraging the children to organise their ideas in a creative and confident manner. Children will access the topic through a variety of learning styles to encourage personalised learning. This will include: visual literacy, practical Science, Art and DT activities, listening and responding to Roman sounds: to inspire work in PE, dance and music. We will also be taking part in our residential visit to Kingswood where team work and an appreciation and understanding of differences will play an important role.



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