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Year 6 - Miss Lees

                              Welcome to Year 6!



During the Spring term, our ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ topic, will provide us with a vast range of learning opportunities. From plant and animal habitats to learning about endangered animals, and famous explorers to mountain ranges, our topic provides something for everyone! Digital media strategies (film clips, animation, interactive learning resources) will be used across the curriculum to inspire and encourage the children to learn. Children will be taught to answer, as well as ask questions and develop curiosity, about their surroundings and the varied and exciting world in which we live. By learning about animals and environmental issues, children will develop empathy.  At Barrowby, we believe that learning outdoors is extremely important and we therefore encourage the children to explore and learn by using their surroundings. By participating in lessons outdoors, children will:  have the freedom to explore and develop their understanding of habitats of plants and animals in our grounds,  to take risks and to discover the real world with all their senses, for example when building bird hides and to understand the importance of caring for our environment. Are you ready to take a Walk on the Wild Side?