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6th July





This week in phonics we are reviewing the letters of the alphabet and the other phonemes we have been working on this term:


wh      ph     ew     ou      ey      au     a-e    e-e


Can you hear the sounds in words? Can you match words to their pictures? Use sound talk to sound out the words for your child. e.g. ch-i-p-s (chips). Can your child blend the sounds together and say the word you have sounded out? Repeat with other words. e.g g-a-p (gap), w-a-x (wax), r-i-ng (ring), f-ee-l (feel),

f-r-igh-t (fright). When your child is creating a picture, model how to label it, perhaps your child recognises a letter, do they want to have a go at writing it themselves? Wow! Amazing! 


Year One

This week in phonics we are reviewing the graphemes we have been working on this term:


ee (as in 'i')  oa (as in ough)    ur (as in our)     ur (as in re)


Can you discover some words that contain these graphemes with your adult? Have a go at using the word in a sentence. Can you look at the word written down, cover it up and then spell it independently? Have a go with another word with the same grapheme. Can you create your own word bank? Now try with the a different grapheme. 


Reception and Year One:


Do not forget to also practise those harder to read and spell words listed in your child's Reading Record.

Below is a snakes and ladders game that might be another fun way to practise.


Maths Year One

We are continuing to work on quicker number  fact retrieval - can you quickly answer the following:

6+4=?      8+2=?       3+?=10     7+?=10      2+? =10    10-8=?     10-2=?     10-0=? Etc


- Put random numbers from 0-100 in order. E.g.    24     12      35      67    23    43

How did you know how to order them? What can you tell me about how many 'tens and ones' the numbers have? 



Remember to stay physically active.  We have been practising balancing and object on our bodies as part of PE.  Can you kneel with your hands on the floor. Pick up an object and place it on your back, put your hand down and pick up your left hand and take it off with out it falling off. How many times can you repeat this in 1 minute? 


Ugly Bug Ball

Thursday is our Ugly Bug Ball day. Click the underlined words and enjoy the song together. Can you learn the words and sing along. Make up your own dance!

What are your favourite bugs? Can you find any in your garden? Keep a list. How many of each bug can you find? 

Make them a habitat to enjoy. What do you think they will need? Where did you find your bugs? Are there any clues to what they would like in their habitat? 

Create your own special artwork. You could use natural materials or any craft materials that you may have at home. Enjoy your special day, we're so sorry you can't be with us at school.