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Aims & Ethos

Aims and Ethos


School Aims

Our overarching aim is to support children in coming to terms with the world in which they live; socially, intellectually, emotionally, physically, morally and spiritually. We achieve this by valuing children as caring members of society, and by their involvement in, and contribution to, the daily life of the school and the wider community. We prepare children well for a fulfilling role in society, and believe that the partnership between home and school is central to enabling them to make a positive contribution to our local, and the wider community:

A1      For all pupils to achieve the highest possible standards and good or better progression in their

A2      To provide our pupils with highly effective teaching and a creative curriculum, which meets their
           needs and the requirements of the National Curriculum and the Foundation Stage Curriculum.

A3      For all pupils to develop spiritually, morally, and socially, with an understanding of cultural diversity,
          within the context of our Church School.

A4      To achieve a very high standard of individual care in all our relationships, within a well disciplined,
          secure and supportive environment in which all feel happy and valued.

A5      To plan for and use the school’s available resources as efficiently as possible.


As a community, we promote a caring, friendly atmosphere of mutual respect and co-operation, within our Christian foundation, and based on Christian values. We encourage honesty, understanding, tolerance, sensitivity, perseverance, independence and autonomy, and set high standards of behaviour, and good manners.


I am giving you a new command. You must love each other,

just as I have loved you.

John 13:34-35

We value the strengths and experiences of individuals, and aim to provide positive and rewarding experiences, and equal opportunity for all children, irrespective of age, gender, race, culture, religion, ability or disability.
We aim to provide the highest standards of education for our pupils, and have high expectations in all respects. We encourage creativity, self-confidence, enterprise and an excitement in learning, and support children in fulfilling their potential. We celebrate their achievements and encourage and challenge our children to learn from a broad based, relevant and stimulating curriculum, through the Foundation Stage, the National Curriculum and extended school activities.
We encourage children to take an active part in the learning process and to become independent learners, within a learning environment in which children can foster pride in their own achievements, and those of others, and to appreciate the wider world.