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At Barrowby CE Primary School any form of bullying is not tolerated. 


An action that can be defined as bullying has certain characteristics:

  • it is deliberately hurtful, frightening or threatening behaviour;
  • it is repeated over a period of time
  • it is difficult for those being bullied to defend themselves, a bully exerts some sort of power over their victim.


Bullying can take several forms:

  • physical (hitting, kicking, taking belongings);
  • verbal (name-calling, insulting, racist remarks);
  • indirect (spreading nasty stories about someone, excluding someone from social groups)


The school deplores bullying in any form and deals seriously with incidents which come to light. Bullying undermines the good relationships and community spirit of the school, which we try hard to foster.  Please refer to the school's policy below for more information:

One of the main consequences of bullying is the fear that it can create, rather than the actual violence or taunts that occur. This is very real to children and however irrational it should not be ignored.



Below you will find some useful anti-bullying resources, links and support material.
Useful Links: