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For the last week and 2 days of term we are learning about castles! You don't have to try all the learning at once. If you would like to, you could make it last until Tuesday 21st. There are links to some great web pages (I like the English Heritage site), so explore different places to find out some amazing facts and you can also enter a Lincoln Castle writing competition!

This is the last time we will put learning on the class page this academic year. Hopefully, we will all be back at school in September and I know all the adults are really looking forward to seeing you again. It has been a pleasure putting the learning on the class page and then seeing what wonderful work you have done. Please keep sending the emails this week, but make sure you send them by Friday 17th July as our Year 1 and 2 email will stop working after that date.  


Try lots of the castle activities this week and then enjoy the summer holidays!

Take care, have fun and see you in September!