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At this time of adversity, of pending local or national lockdowns; at a time when we are trying to recover from the school’s forced school closure and ensure that we as a school do everything we can to support our children and minimise the impact of COVID-19, not only academically but emotionally, we ask for your support.  


This continues to be a very difficult time for us all, especially our school.  It was not that long ago when the school was forced to close due to the global pandemic and stayed closed for the majority of our pupils from 23rd March until 1st June 2020.  Although the Government seem keen to keep school’s open, if there is a ‘second spike’ there is no guarantee the school would be able to remain open and we would need to follow Government advice.


The Government have now confirmed a range of protective measures to be introduced to reduce social mixing and thus minimise the spread of the virus.  Indeed, at school we have implemented a whole host of COVID secure restrictions to ensure the safety of our pupils, staff, the school community and the school itself. 


Please see the below Risk Assessments:

Those detailed in the above documents include:

  • staggering the start and end of the day,
  • implementing a one-way system when parents are dropping off/picking up,
  • requesting all parents/visitors to school wear face coverings,
  • limiting adults in school,
  • created bubbles to minimise the social contact between groups of children,
  • staggered playtime, lunchtime and
  • creating virtual resources so parents can still benefit from school support during this time of social restrictions, when we are unable to conduct ‘face to face’ meetings.  


We believe we are doing a lot to ensure that our school operates well, at a time of uncertainty and would like to take this opportunity to thank all those parents who are conscientiously following the school’s guidance.


At this time of national emergency, we must look to each other.  It is incumbent upon us all to accept both individual and collective responsibility for the safety and well-being of our school community.  It is imperative that we all do as much as we can at this time to keep each other safe and help to keep our school open. 


  • Please DO NOT come to school before 8.45am in the morning and 3.15pm in the afternoon. 

If parents arrive early then parents have to queue. If parents queue, it delays the children coming in or leaving the school.


  • Please wear a face covering when dropping off and/or collecting your child.

There are close to 150-200 adults, as well as the school children moving to and from school at the start and end of school day. The science tells us that the greater chance of transmission of COVID-19 is through social contact.  Please take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and others.


  • Please DO NOT congregate before/after school, outside the school, at the park or other areas of the village.

Reduce the risk of transmission and protect the class ‘bubbles.’


  • Please DO NOT allow your child/ren to socialise with other children from different classes/’bubbles.’.

Please help to protect the class ‘bubbles’ and keep our school open.


Please continue to support our school at this very difficult time, by accepting personal and collective responsibility and following the school’s guidance-protecting yourself, each other and our school.  We are stronger when we work together. 


Thank you for your continued support and understanding at this time.


Please see further letters and correspondence regarding COVID-19 updates: