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Curriculum Support

At Barrowby CE Primary School, we value the support our parents provide, both to their child/ren and the school. In this section, we aim to provide our parents with a range of curriculum guidance and resources so that they can continue to support their child's learning and progress, whilst at home.


Our aim is that all pupils will become fluent readers and creative writers who can reason and articulate choices and preferences about the use of English.  Children are encouraged to embed and apply their understanding of both spoken and written language across the curriculum, through a wide range of activities developing: a love for reading and an understanding of grammatical features which can then be applied to their work. 


Our aim is to ensure Mathematics is engaging and purposeful and that all our pupils become confident, resilient mathematicians.  Children are encouraged to embed and apply their mathematical thinking across the curriculum, through purposeful, real-life problem solving activities; developing as proficient mental mathematicians who can recall a range of number related facts quickly, with confidence and accuracy.