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Who was Christopher Columbus?

This week in History and in English we are going to be thinking about a famous person called Christopher Columbus.  Watch the video below to find out more about this person from the past. 

Christopher Columbus

Still image for this video

What information did you learn from watching this video?  Discuss this with your grown up. 

  • At the time, people thought that the world was flat, not round. 
  • After many years the King of Spain agreed to give Columbus three ships and men for his voyage.
  • His ship was called the Santa Maria.
  • He was going to go west instead of east.
  • Columbus thought he was going to find a quicker way to India but got to America.
  • They sailed the Atlantic Ocean.
  • He found Native Americans not Indians.


All -

Christopher Columbus Role Play - Today, you are going to be Christopher Columbus!  Your first task is to make a boat for you to voyage across the Atlantic Ocean in.  Perhaps you would make one with cushions, a water tray that you have in the garden, etc.  Can you make a sail?  Who will be your crew? Cuddly toys or perhaps younger siblings might like to get in on the action.  Have you got your Columbus hat?  Your telescope? What else will you need?

Finally you can set sail and cross the Atlantic Ocean.  What will the journey be like?  The Atlantic Ocean can be fierce with huge waves, you will be rocking from side to side, busy with the sails.  When you get there, what will you do?  Take possession of the land, meet with the people who live there and swap items.  Take lots of pictures of you in action. 

Preparing for the voyage

Who did we learn about yesterday?  Why was Christopher Columbus famous?  What did he do? Let's find out a little bit more about him.  Work through the PowerPoint below.


Christopher Columbus had to prepare the ship for a long journey, for his voyage across the Atlantic Ocean?  Can you remember how long he was on the ship for?   Why was it important to be prepared?  What did he take with him?  Remember to think about clothes, supplies, such as food, drink, medicines, etc.


Reception - What would you take in your bag if you were Christopher Columbus?  Can you draw pictures and label them, using your sound knowledge?

Year 1s - Write a list about what you would take in your bag if you were Christopher Columbus?  Can you use commas in lists?

Christopher Columbus timeline

We have learnt a lot about Christopher Columbus over the past few days.  Now you are going to create a timeline.  A timeline is a display or list of events in chronological order. 

Reception - Cut out the 5 sentences and with the help of your grown up read them.  You might be able to recognise some high frequency words.  Can you put them in the correct order and stick them onto your sheet? Well done!  You have placed the events in order!  Super listening over the past few days!

Year 1s - Look at the pictures on the worksheet and write your own statements to match, thinking about the time line of events.  Can you use time conjunctions to start your sentences?  Use the word mat below to help. 

Extended Writing 

Who have we been learning about?  What do we know about Christopher Columbus so far?  What journey did Christopher Columbus make? How did it feel to travel on the ship for that long?  What did they take on-board to survive?


Today you are going to write the a non – fiction text all about Christopher Columbus.  A non- fiction text gives the reader lots of facts about something.  Pretend the person that you are writing for knows nothing about Christopher Columbus!  Can you give them lots of information?  Of course you can! 


Please send your work to Tapestry (Reception children) or the Reception/Year 1 Teachers emails (Year 1 children).



Reception - Write at least 3 facts all about Christopher Columbus.  Remember to hold your pencil correctly and form each letter in the correct orientation.  Please use your sound knowledge to write words that are unfamiliar and try to spell some high frequency words from memory.  It would be a good week to learn how to spell the word 'he'. smiley


Year 1 - Today you are going to write a non-fiction text all about Christopher Columbus.  Please work through the Powerpoint to ensure that you know what needs to be included.  smiley It is up to you how to set your work out today and there are a few options to choose from.  Perhaps you will make a book, complete with a front cover, contents page and pages, complete with headings, illustrations, captions and labels.  Perhaps you will create a page for a book complete with headings, illustrations, captions and labels.  It is completely up to you.  The resources that you need are below.