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Ice Age 3 - Dawn of the Dinosaurs


This week in English, we will be using the animation Ice Age 3 - Dawn of the Dinosaurs to inspire our work.

If you have access to the film, either through DVD or Disney + it would be fantastic if you could allow your child to watch short sections to support their reading, writing and speech and language. 


Firstly, watch the film from 29 minutes and 30 seconds.  During this clip you will see the characters walking through a dark cave towards a bright light.  Encourage your child to think about how the characters are feeling as they walk through the dark.  Can they have a go at writing the words, using their phonic knowledge, e.g. sad, nervous, etc.   Remember they might only be able to hear one or two sounds and that is fine. 


Continue to watch the clip and as they look out onto Dinosaur World, stop the clip at 30 minutes, 22 seconds.



First job of the week... can you discuss the dinosaur land in the film? 

Discuss what you can see.  Encourage your child to use phrases such as, above I can see, below I can see.  Spend time extending your child's vocabulary and orally rehearsing exciting sentences, e.g. I can see the waterfall splashing on the jagged rocks.  The dinosaurs are each juicy, green leaves.


Second job of the week... can you create your own dinosaur world? 

You could use anything that you like, e.g. playdough, paper and pencils, paint, materials and real dinosaurs.  Whatever you have would be fantastic.  Remember to tell your grown up all about your dinosaur world and label the things that you can see, using your phonic knowledge. 


Third job of the week... can you write a description of the dinosaur world?

Use your sound knowledge to write all about the dinosaur land from Dawn of the Dinosaurs.  Remember to listen carefully to each sounds and try to use the correct letter formation for each letter. 


Final job of the week... letter formation practice.

Please practise the following graphemes to consolidate learning in phonics and focus on letter formation.  If you notice that your child is forming certain letters incorrectly, please focus on those first. 

ow, oi, ear, air.