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Picture 1

-imagine that's you walking across the Sahara Desert. What can you see? Hear and feel?

- can you use similies and metaphors to describe the movements of the sand?

- what synonyms can you use to describe the colours of the sand? (e.g. gold, yellow, tan).

- why are you there? How long have you been there? How are you surviving?

Picture 1

- Imagine you've just climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. Can you describe your journey and the experiences you've faced?

-Can you write a diary of your climb?

-Can you find twenty facts about this very famous mountain and present them in an interesting and unusual way?

- Can you write a creative story about the mountain - perhaps you could be a mountain guide?

- What if you were an animal living on Mount Kilimanjaro? Find out what animals and creatures live there and perhaps you could write a story about all the people who set out to climb the mountain from an animals point of view?