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English - VE Day Activities 


During this week we will be exploring how we can use a range of writing features to create an impact for the reader. 


Activity 1 and 2 focus on newspaper writing - Both tasks are used for an extended piece of writing. Giving you opportunity to complete over the week whilst using BBC bitesize and Oak national where appropriate to help support your writing.


Monday's Lesson on BBC Bitesize (Inverted Commas) link to our writing features.


Activity 1: 

Using Winston Churchill's speech can you accurately create your own transcript of what he told the nation?


What is a transcript? 

a written or printed version of material originally presented in another medium. - In our activity 'the video' which we need to write the speech of Winston Churchill. 

Winston Churchill announcing Germany's unconditional surrender Supporting Activity 1

Using the video to create a transcript to show what had been announced by Winston Churchill (do not worry about the spelling of the German names)

Activity 2:

For our second task, you are to create a newspaper report to show the end of the the war... 


Remember a newspaper should be factual and clear for the reader to find and understand the information.

You might need to include; 

- Inverted Commas e.g (Can you use any speech from Winston Churchill?)

- Front Adverbials e.g. (On 8th May 1945,      Following the German surrender, )


Using the link to help support newspaper writing.   

Newspaper Template