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Lesson 1

Over this week we are going to build upon features which will help us write our own poems.


For the first part of our lesson, we are going to focus on alliteration. This writing features can help add imagery and creativity to writing and poems.

Follow through the powerpoint to remind yourself on what an alliteration is, have a go at some of the activities - Can you write some of your own sentences using alliteration?

Lesson 2

To build upon yesterday's learning, today we are going to focus on metaphors of similes to help create imagery for the reader. 


Following the link to find these resources.

Lesson 3

For our final part we shall focus an recap our understand of how we can use adjectives, verbs and adverbs. 


Lesson 4

Today, you are going to focus on how you can create your own poetry using our features we focused on during the week. The link below will show a range of poetry based on the Wind. 

You task is to choose a topic and explore how you can create your own poetry.




Reading Challenge;  Check out for characters from Harry Potter who are reading The Philosopher's Stone - Each chapter has its own challenges and activities