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On Safari 


Week 9 focuses on being on a safari. We are going to use our topical links to help explore our writing. 


We are planning to write a recount, where you immerse yourself in a safari. 

Use the resources to help remind yourself of a 'recount' and what is included to write a successful recount. 


Extended piece of writing will use the videos of a virtual safari tour to help picture and pretend you are on this tour to help write your recount of 'your own safari tour'.


Writing your recount

Below are included a few videos to help support your safari recount. 

Make links to previous weeks of work...

Adjectives - Can you describe what you are seeing? 

Front Adverbials - Can you open your sentences in a range of different ways? 

Nouns and Pronouns - Can you find different ways to talk about 'The Lion' or 'The Elephant' ?

Smiles or Metaphors -  Can you use these to add description and imagery for the reader?

A range of punctuation? 


Virtual Longleat Safari

🦁 Get yourselves ready! You've got an adventure to begin. 🐯 A familiar voice is here to take you on a journey through the Longleat Safari. You'll meet lions,...

WildEarth - Sunrise Safari - 7 April 2020