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Clips to watch: 

Peter Rabbit and Friends-

Jonny Town Mouse and The Tale of two Bad Mice-



Peter Rabbit Story Sequencing

Look at a selection of Beatrix Potter stories.  What do you notice about the characters in these books?  (they are all animals).  Is there anything unusual about the animals (they wear clothes etc).  Where are many of the books set (woodlands, farms)


Explain that we will be looking at the first book Beatrix ever wrote– Peter Rabbit, what might happen (I suspect many children will have read this book).  What happens in the story?  Sequence pictures.


How can we tell the story?  Write sentences together focussing on use of past tense. 

  • how do you know what came first, second, later etc?
  • how will you show the sequence? 
  • what language will you use? (time conjunctions)
  • what is past tense- which words in the sentence change the tense?

The Chase

What happens when Mr McGregor sees Peter?  He chases him all the way through the garden!  Where do they run, where does Peter hide?  Can we put these ideas into sentences?  Display sentence ‘‘Peter ran away from Mr McGregor’ now ask the children to improve sentence by including a sound word that they heard e.g. ‘Peter panted as he ran away from Mr. McGregor.’  What does this new word add to our sentence (more detail, tells you how is was feeling)  do we need to say he was tired?  (no) - why?

Improve further sentences in the same way.

How does Peter feel?

What happens in the story of Peter Rabbit?  Do Peter’s actions change through the story?  E.g. when he goes into the garden even though he has been told not to.  When Mr McGrgeor is chasing him.

Discuss his feelings.  How do we know he feels this way– what visual clues are there eg when birds are flapping their wings and talking fast, when tear rolls down face. 



Peter’s Diary

Watch/read ‘Tale of Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny’. 

List events that happen in Peter’s day- which happen on day 1, which are on day 2.

Explain that Peter’s father kept a journal and that Peter now does the same.  What would he write in his diary of his day/ adventure in Mr McGregor’s garden?  Think about:

  • First person
  • Adjectives to describe setting, emotions, feelings etc
  • Time conjunctions to sequence events
  • Punctuation for effect; questions/exclamations
  • Apostrophes for possession/ omission


List words to describe Peter’s changing feelings throughout his adventure e.g. fear, terror, horror, nervous, trembling, uncertain, defeated .  Take ideas and model diary writing style.  Now write a diary extract about Peter’s adventures in Mr McGregor’s garden


Peter’s next adventure…

Imagine Peter is brave enough to visit Mr McGregor’s garden again!  Can you tell the story?  What will happen?  Can you begin sentences with adverbs?

Quickly, slowly, eventually, suddenly, nervously, anxiously, cautiously, bravely etc





Using conjunctions

On Fun with Peter Rabbit Beatrix Potter website—  Look at website, watching clips and discussing characters, reading profiles.  Take the quiz with to discover which they are most like?  Which character do you feel best represents your personality?  Why, how do you know this?

Which character are you most like?  Model writing justification sentences using conjunctions: so, if, but, because .

e.g. … “I am most like ……. From Beatrix Potter stories because….”