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The Three Billy Goats Gruff is a great story. The Three billy goats want to eat some fresh grass but the grumpy troll won’t let them cross the bridge to get to it.

Watch the story here.

Have a go at drawing your own story map. What happened at the beginning, middle and end?

Why do you think the troll was grumpy? Maybe he was lonely? What did he look like? Have a go at completing the ‘wanted’ poster.

Can you draw your favourite part of the story and write a sentence about it? Could you use adjectives and conjunctions such as ‘and’ to extend your sentence? Watch this video about conjunctions on The National Oak Academy 

Print off the masks and role play the story. Use your teddies to help you. Which character will you be?

You may also want the pick and choose from the resources below to continue your learning.





This week’s new digraph is ‘oi’ as in ‘coin’. Watch this fun video by Mr Mc

see if you can join in and do the actions. Other videos you can watch are Mr Thorne does phonics

and the letters and sounds video for ‘oi’

Don’t forget to use Phonicsplay

Now have a go some of the resources below

Year 1’s This week’s focus is alternative pronunciations for a and y.

This week we are going to be recognising them as ‘a’ as in ‘what’ and ‘y’ as in ‘dry’

Have a go at spelling the following words using our

‘Look, Cover, Write, Check’ method.

Spellings: what, want, wasp, was, watch, by, why, dry, spy, reply

Here is a list of other words that you can use to practise using the a when it makes the ‘o’ sound.

Once you have practised your spellings a few times and found some words in your books, have a go at these games: