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This week is all about poetry!


There are lots of different types of poetry, but they often contain similar ingredients.


Find out about the key ingredients to include in a poem.

All poems are made up of words. Poems can tell a story or be about a thought or a feeling. They can be serious or silly, but they always have to use words.

Poems often have a rhythm, which is like a beat in music. The rhythm is quick or slow depending on the words the poet chooses.

Poems can use rhyme, which means that certain words have similar end sounds.

For example: ‘Break’ and ‘lake’ ; ‘cat’ and ‘mat’ ; ‘loud’ and ‘proud’ .

Poems can also use alliteration, which is when more than one word starts with the same first letter or sound.

For example: The slimy, sneaky snake slithered silently.

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