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Sport is such a great way to stay fit and be competitive. You can play it with family, friends or in clubs and even compete in big competitions! All our sporting heroes started by playing their chosen sport with friends or family, but who is your hero? Write a fact file about someone you admire and look up to for their sporting skills or accomplishments. I look forward to seeing who you choose!

Take a look at the sporting sentences and decide which adjective fits the best. Once you have chosen the best adjective (read the sentences to check) can you use adjectives and adverbs in your own sporting sentences?

Be adventurous, be brave and make them exciting!

Have you ever played tennis? Have you heard of Wimbledon?

Have you wondered who collects the balls for the players when the point is over? Watch the clip 'What does it take to be a ball kid?' and see some of the skills you might need and think why you would be so good.

All you need to do is write why you would be so good on the Ball Kid - Pick Me sheet. 

You could watch some of a great match to see the ball kids in action. Search for: 'The Best Game Ever? Murray v Federer'

Choose one of the Sports Day pieces of writing and read it to someone.

When you have read it have a go at answering the questions (but don't look at the answers until the end).

Remember that you can keep looking back at the text as you try each question.

You can ask someone at home to write more questions for you when you have finished.

Would you like to write your own comic with your own characters?

Can you think of a great story of a sporting event with a sporting super hero?

Use the adjective and adverb learning this week to help you write an amazing and gripping comic strip.

You have space to illustrate each part of the story too!