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This week we are learning about the seasons.  Can you describe the seasons using lots of descriptive vocabulary:

  • adjectives
  • imagery
  • verbs


‘I love Autumn’.  Do you like Autumn?  Why do you think I like Autumn?  Look at PPT of Autumn images identifying the nouns as you go, extracting descriptive vocabulary (adjectives from the children) to describe the nouns.

Now hunt for an object that is very much associated with Autumn- A LEAF!!


Think about:

  • interesting shape?
  • different colours?
  • name of tree the leaf has fallen from?
  • how does it feel?
  • what words will you use to describe it?


Write adjectives to describe the leaves they have collected.  Introduce the concept and terminology ‘noun phrase’.


Use the sheets below to capture your ideas.


Work through this booklet making sure you are holding your pencil in a comfortable tripod grip and are seated at an appropriate height table.

Remember to start your letters in the correct place and position them correctly on the line.