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This week in English we are learning all about loud and quiet noises!

Reception: Can you draw a picture of an instrument. What sounds do they make? Can you tell an adult? Adult to write in yellow and child to write over. Encourage children to say what sounds they can hear.
Year 1s can you remember what a non-fiction book was about? Have you got any at home? Can you read it with an adult? Can you have a go at making your own instruments using plastic bottles and rice? What else could you use?
Have a go at the worksheets and look at the power point attached below.


 Reception find some pictures of instruments either in a book or online. Can you tell an adult how you might play the instrument so that it makes a noise. So for example you have to bang a drum for it to make a noise. Can you have a go at writing what noises the instruments make. See if you can write down any of the sounds you can hear. Can you make the noises? Are they loud noises or quiet noises? 


Year 1s have another look at the power point below on when to use 'and'  and complete the worksheet. Also can you write your own sentences about what noises the musical instruments make and try and use 'and' to join two sentences together. An example could be 'You have to bang the drum to make a noise and it is loud'. Don't forget your capital letters and full stops. 

Reception: Can you paint a picture of a musical instrument? Maybe you have some play dough at home? Can you make a model of an instrument using your play dough?
Year 1s: Can you make a picture of a musical instrument using natural materials from outside? Collect some conkers, stones, twigs, leaves and grass. How big can you make your instrument?
Here are some examples.