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The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch

If you have got this wonderful story book at home, share it together, look at the pictures and enjoy the story.

Can you find;

the front cover?

The back cover?

The author's name?

The illustrator's name?

What is written on the back cover?

Do you know what this short paragraph is called? (The Blurb) What does it tell us? 

Once you've read the story, could you write your own blurb for this book?

What do you think this book will be about? Are there clues on the front cover? 

As you read, stop before the end - can you predict what is going to happen? Will Mr Grinling ever get his lunch?

Write and/or draw your predictions.


If you do not have this book, watch the video below of the story being reenacted with actors and puppets.

the lighthouse keepers lunch.mp4

Still image for this video

What did Mr Grinling have in his lunch basket? Can you remember any items from the story? 

Draw your own basket and fill it with the items you can remember. Can you label each item? Ask an adult to help you sound out the word you want to write. Do you know how to write a letter on your own, if not write over the top of your adult's model. 


Year Ones print out the following sentences or ask an adult to write them out for you. Cut up the sentence into individual words. Mix them up. Can you use your reading skills to put the sentences into the correct order?


Success Criteria:  Use sounding out as reading strategy.

                                Use sight recognition to read common words fluently.

                                Re—read the sentences to ensure that they make sense.


Now they are in the correct order, can you write out each sentence using your best handwriting?

Reception: If you want to have a go, use the pictures to help you. 


Mr and Mrs Grinling

What do we know about Mr and Mrs Grinling? Can you draw a picture of one or both of them? 

Label the picture using your phonic knowledge (letter sounds).


Pesky Seagulls!

Just look at those pesky seagulls! What do you think they could be saying to each other? 

Could you pretend to be one of the seagulls?

How could you record your ideas?

Write them down? Record a voice note? Record a video? Can you put on a different voice for the seagull? Could you use a puppet?

Busy Mr Grinling!

Watch the video of The Lighthouse Keeper’s lunch.  At certain points stop the film to talk about what Mr Grinling is doing, e.g. Cleaning the light, looking for ships, etc.


What a fabulous story – What jobs does Mr Grinling have to do as a lighthouse keeper? 

Can you think of any more jobs he could do? Come up with your own ideas such as sweeping the floor, mending the boat, etc.


You could ask on of your adults to pretend to be Mr Grinling and you could ask them questions to find out about what jobs he does in the morning and what jobs he does in the afternoon. Does he stay there at night? What is the last job he has to do before he goes home? Is there a job he loves to complete? Which is the worst job? 


Year One:

Write about the jobs that Mr Grinling carries out as part of his role. 

Can you:

         Use spaces between words?

         Use phonic knowledge to spell unfamiliar words?

         Use a capital letter and a full stop to demarcate sentences?




Write about the jobs that Mr Grinling carries out as part of his role.

Remember to:

· hold your pencil using the correct pencil grip.

· write over an adult’s model of writing.

· start each letter in the correct place.