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Rhyme Time!


What is your favourite Nursery Rhyme? Share some of the rhymes together. At the bottom of the page there are lots of nursery rhymes for you to look at together.


Throughout the text, identify that some of the words and the end of the lines rhyme. Some words sound the same.  Encourage your child to say the rhyming words. Can you tell me which words rhyme/sound the same? Encourage your child to finish the sentence by saying the rhyming word.


Let's concentrate on the rhyme 'Jack and Jill'.  

Pick the word Jill and ask your child to think of a word that rhymes with ‘Jill’. 

Encourage your child to write the words to the rhyming string, e.g. Jill, hill, sill, will, till, kill, nill, Bill, trill.  Let your child play with words and identify that we can make up nonsense words today as long as they rhyme with ’Jill’ (sound the same) e.g.  lill, rill, vill, zill, etc.



Year Ones: On your own; complete the rhyming tree. Use the tri-graph ‘igh’ (letters and sounds focus) to rhyme: sight, night, light, etc. (I) (Cut small Autumnal coloured leaves for your child to write the rhyming word on to and glue on to tree, or use real leaves!) Email me a photograph of the completed rhyming tree.


Reception: This week you have three jobs.

1. Can you get to the top of the hill? Scribe for your child the rhyming words on to the sheet.Start at the bottom and try to get to the top. There are some rhyming clues on the hill.

2. Hang up the rhyming word leaves around your house or garden (If you cannot print, make your own)– can you find the matching rhyming words?

3. Have you got any rhyming stories to share? Any rhyming pair games? Look around your house and find some items that rhyme. e.g a box and a toy fox or wooden blocks and a pair of socks!

Photograph your work and post the pictures on to Tapestry each day.




Have a go at the rhyming PowerPoint. Can you find the rhyming words and the words that are the odd ones out?


Year Ones: Pick a nursery rhyme from the selection below and read it together with your adult. Write down the titles of the nursery rhymes you read.


Reception: Complete another task from the list above.




Guess the rhyme. Give your child some clues. I am in the sky. I can be seen at night. I twinkle. I look like a diamond in the sky!

Can you guess the Nursery Rhyme? What is the next rhyming word? Can you act out the rhyme together?


Let’s have a bit of fun! Let’s mess the rhymes up. What could Jack and Jill have gone up the hill for?

What did Humpty Dumpty do when he sat on the wall?

Write a few silly sentences together.


Year Ones: Can you re-write some of the nursery rhymes? Pick one of the sentence openers and neatly copy them into your book then finish the sentence in the funniest way you can! Think carefully about the last word. Does it need to rhyme?


Reception: Which nursery rhyme is your favourite? Write it down and draw a picture. When you are writing, if you know the letter sound write it down, if you are not sure your adult will write it down for you to copy over the top. 

Nursery Rhyme Bank

Handwriting Practise