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This week we are thinking about electrical safety as part of our Science and English.  We are going to use Fireman (Firefighter) Sam to help us. 


What is electricity?  Can you think of anything that uses electricity? Go on an electricity hunt at home and see what you can find.  What did you find in the kitchen?  What did you find in the living room? How many objects did you find? 


We are going to watch an episode from Fireman Sam all about how dangerous electricity can be!



Fireman Sam 5x04 A Real Live Wire.mp4

Still image for this video

What important messages have we learnt after watching this clip of Fireman Sam?


Year 1  Create a safety poster about the importance of never playing with electricity.  What key words should you include?  Can you include rules, using full stops and capital letters, e.g. Do not play with wires.


Reception - Which of these items uses electricity?  Can you use your fine motor skill to cut and stick the items that use electricity onto the worksheet?  Can you have a go at labelling the pictures, using your sound knowledge? 


Continuous Provision:

Construction: Can you use create a fire station or a fire engine, using your wooden bricks, Duplo, Lego?

Small world –Can you re tell the story using your vehicles, figures, etc?

Mark Making – Can you write a list of what a firefighter might need? Can you write your own story about Fireman Sam.  Can you create a fire engine?





What did we think about yesterday in English/Science? 

Identify that we watched Fireman Sam and the little squirrel chewing through the wire!  Discuss the key events and sequence of events.  Can you remember what happened at the beginning, the middle and the end?


Today we are going to learn about some safety rules when using electricity.  We will use a Power Point to help us. What have we learnt?  Discuss some of the key rules and model how to write a set of simple set of rules about how to stay safe when using electricity.


Year 1 -  Write a set of rules about how to stay safe when using electricity.  Can you use full stops and capital letters?  Can you spell Common Exception Words correctly?


Reception - Role Play – Can you be fireman Sam and put the fire out?  What do you need?  How will you respond?  Can you make a fire station, fire engine, using wooden bricks, Duplo bricks, Lego etc?  Can you play with a member of your family to tell a storyline together in your play?  Can you listen to each other and share ideas?



What have we been thinking about this week in our English/Science lessons?  Electrical safety.  Can you tell me some rules that everyone should know about?


Watch the episode from Fireman Sam again (see above).  While you are watching it think about our special rules.  Are they being followed?  


What happened in the beginning, middle and end of the story?  Where is the story set?  Who are the main characters?  What are they like?  All stories have a problem, what is the problem in this story?  How do they fix it?


Year Ones: Extended writing - Retell the story. Can you use a clear beginning, middle and end?  Can you spell common exception words correctly and from memory?  Can you use full stops and capital letters?


Reception: We have learnt that electricity can be dangerous.  Write about the moral of the story from the episode of Fireman Sam.  What is it and what do we need to remember to do when using electricity? Can you hold your pencil correctly?  Can you hear some sounds in words and use the correct letters to represent them? 








In handwriting this week the children in Reception are continuing to practise the correct letter formation and pencil grip and the Year 1 children are continuing to practise simple joins.  Please find the activities below. 


Reception - This week we are focusing on the letters /r/ and /h/ 

Year 1 - We are looking at the join sl