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With Christmas around the corner we have begun to learn our Christmas songs for our Christmas performances! 

There are lots of important skills we are learning. Using actions at the same time as singing and learning how to perform for an audience (or video camera!)

Could you learn some Christmas songs at home? Perhaps you could really make it Christmas themed with a costume! Record your finished performance and email it to me or, if you're in Reception, upload it to Tapestry. I cannot wait to see it! 



Another important Christmas task is writing your letter to Santa! 

There are some ideas on the PowerPoint below  - work your way through it and then have a go at writing your letter! You could use the sheet I put on here. Don't forget to show me your hard work by emailing me a picture of your letter or putting your picture on Tapestry before it whizzes off to the North Pole! 

I think Santa will be very impressed with all the letters and words you can now write!



Year One Common Exception Words

Using different coloured pens, crayons or paints, write some of the Year One common exception words. This is called ‘Rainbow Writing’. Keep changing the colour and repeat, repeat, repeat. You can even write over the top of the words you have already written. 

Can you:

· rewrite each common exception word again and again across one line?

· use a finger space in between each word.

· begin to spell each word without having to check the one you’ve already written?





Play the traditional game of ‘I spy’. Can you hear the initial sound of the object you have found? Use the document below to find the words and write your own.


Year One

Use your phonic knowledge to find all the ‘ow’ digraphs in this story.



Can you cut out the letters and put them in the correct place in each word?

Year One

Choose two handwriting sheets to complete.


Complete the b and f handwriting sheets below.