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A Cowboy Needs a Horse

Yee Ha! Watch and listen to the Cowboy Song! Cowboys and cowgirls had to wear very special clothes. We are going to learn about them today! Work through this picture explaining each item of clothing.




Year One, now you know the clothes of a cowboy can you label the cowboy picture below?
Year One: Now work through this worksheet focusing on the common exception word 'said'.
Reception: Can you label the cowboy picture? Use your letter sounds (phonic knowledge) to help you spell and write the words. 

We are also looking at rhyming words. Have you got any books with rhyming words in? The author Julia Donaldson loves to rhyme in her stories. Can you guess the next rhyming word before your adult says it? 


Have a go at the rhyming sheet below.

Click Here to watch the short Disney video called The Cowboy needs a Horse to inspire our writing. 


Watch the video until the Cowboy and the Native American make friends. Let’s write a creative sentence together. Let’s start back in the little boy’s bedroom e.g. As he fell asleep he dreamed about being a cowboy! He galloped on his horse.  What sound would you be able to hear?  The thundering of hooves on the dry, desert ground.  Discuss use of adjective to describe people, places, things and how verbs can be used to describe what is happening. 


Year 1s –Extended Writing – write a creative paragraph about the cowboy that needs a horse.  Write the sequence of events in the correct order and use adjectives and verbs.



Success Criteria:

· To write in simple sentences and begin to use compound sentences, using ‘and’.

· To use adjectives and verbs to add further detail to your writing.

· To use the correct letter formation.



Reception – Write one or two creative sentences about the cowboy that needs a horse. What happened in the animation?


Success Criteria:

· Write under/over an adult’s model of writing, using the correct orientation?

· Can you hear any phonemes? Can you write the letter independently?

· Can you use the correct letter formation?






Year One: