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Beware of the Highway Rat.

He'll steal your food...and your heart! 

Dun, Dun, Derrrrrrrrrrr!

Last week we found out all about the rascal Dick Turpin. Can you remember any facts? The author of 'The Gruffalo,' Julia Donaldson, was so inspired by the real Highway Man that she created her own story! Here is the story of...

The Highway Rat!

The Highway Rat

Still image for this video

The Highway Rat is quite a long story with plenty of talking points. Your main task is simply to read, listen, or watch the story above with your child. If you have a copy of the book, turn the pages with the video above, following the words together. 
Here is a list of questions or talking points from the book. You can choose to talk about these along the way or at the end of the story.

- The Highway Rat is described as a ‘baddie’ or a ‘beast’ why do you think this is?

- Do you think the Highway Rat is kind? Should we behave like him?

- The Highway Rat never used manners- what do you think would happen if he did?

- What food did the Highway Rat eat? Is this healthy? Why is it important that we have a healthy diet?

- Can you spot any tricky words?

- Point out some rhyming words.

- Look at the punctuation in the book- ask your child to check for capital letters, full stops, exclamation marks and question marks. (See if they can explain what and why ! or ? are used)


Second Task: Can you create your own Highway Rat eye mask? I used card for mine! I can't wait to see the pictures! laugh (There is a template below if you would like to use it).

Now you have your mask can you write a shopping list of all the lovely things you would like to steal! surprisewink

Perhaps you could re-enact some of the scenes from the story once you're finished! 



Speech and Thought Bubbles.

Look at the characters in the pictures and think about what they could be saying or thinking. Talk about the difference between thought and speech bubbles with your child. Fill in the speech bubbles on the first page. The following page has thought bubbles, you can scribe for your child or they can write if they would like to. 

Year Ones: Can you remember your learning about speech bubbles in out Toy Story week? Have a go at using them again today. You might also like to have your reading record open on the page with all the Year 1 Common Exception Words. It might help you with your spelling. 

Reception: Try to use your phonic knowledge (letter sounds) to write what the characters might be saying in their speech bubbles. If you can hear the phoneme (letter sound) in the word, write it down. If you are not sure what it looks like an adult can write it for you and you can write over the top. We want you to keep trying and enjoy writing - writing is fun! 

(We want to encourage children to write as much as they can independently (with a supportive adult by their side if and when they need one smiley).

They should be beginning to write using their sounds - the words may not be spelled correctly but, hopefully, we will begin to recognise what they are trying to write. Having a go is the most important thing).


Extended Writing

Do you think The Highway Rat felt bad for all of his crimes at the end of the story?

If you feel bad about something you have done what do you think you could do about it? 

Yes, say you are sorry! 

Pretend you are the Highway Rat. You realise you have done the wrong thing and you have decided that you need to say sorry. But the animals are too scared of you when you go near to them to listen to what you have got to say. So, what can you do? Any ideas? Let's write a letter!


Can you write a letter to the animals to say sorry? Here are ideas to think about, talk it through with your adult and they can write some notes for you to remember.

Think about:

How does a letter start?

Who is your letter to, will it be more than one character? (Use the video or your own copy of the book to look at what happened to each character)

What do you want to say in your letter?

How do you end your letter?

Who is your letter from?


Reception: Using your letters and sounds knowledge can you pretend you are the Highway Rat and write a letter to say sorry?  Remember to hold your pencil correctly and form each letter in the correct orientation.  Can you spell any words from memory?  Please upload your writing to Tapestry so that we can see you fabulous work. 


Year 1

Can you write a letter to say sorry using the pronoun 'I' as you are pretending to be the Highway Rat? Remember to use details from the story. Think about what you did to certain characters. Here are a few examples;

I am very sorry that I shouted; "stand and deliver" and made you jump squirrel. I should not have snatched your sack of nuts. I feel very bad.  

I feel very sorry that I showed you my teeth and pointed my sword at all of the ants.


To really put the 'cherry on top' of your letter you could add in examples of speech using the speech marks we have been practising!  

Don't forget to use your neatest handwriting and email me your finished letter. I cannot wait to read it!



heartAs a treat at the end of this weekheart

and for working so hard 


to watch the animation of the Highway Rat.

laughEnjoy! laugh