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English and Phonics


This week we are going to travel back in time to 2nd September 1666.

Imagine you are in your very own time machine and travel back in time to 1666. 

Over 350 years ago!


Can you remember the capital city of England?

London. Can you find it on a map?

Well, in 1666 there was a very big fire and this fire was known as the Great Fire of London.

Before we learn anything about the great fire of London, we are going to think about what we would like to learn.


What would you like to know about the Great Fire of London?

(For example; where did it start? How did it start?  How did they put the fire out?  Where did they fire spread to?  When did it stop? Etc).


Write questions to find out more about this significant event in history. 

When we write a question we punctuate it, using a question mark. 

This is what a question mark looks like. 

Can you write it in the air? Have a go at writing your questions using a question mark at the end of each sentence.

Below, you will find a poster with question words to help you write your questions.


Now let’s find out some answers.

Use the PowerPoint Presentation below to find out some information.

Can you imagine helping to put out the fire? Why not act it out with your family? Get some buckets and pass the water down the line with the person at the front emptying the bucket – can you work as a team? How quickly can you empty 5 buckets?

There is a poster below - can you write some sentences to describe what is happening in the poster? Use your senses and imagination.

Cut out the Timeline pictures and put them into the correct order.


Year 1’s: Extended writing: Read the story of Sammy the Street Dog and retell the story using the facts you have learnt over the week.

The Great Fire of London 1666 video.mp4

Still image for this video



This week we are learning about the trigraph (three letters that make one sound) ear as in hear.

Can you have a go at writing ear in some flour, sand or even soil?

What words can you think of that have the trigraph ear?

Let’s watch the letters and sounds video

Have a look at Geraldine the Giraffe too.

Now have a go at the resources below.

Year 1’s

This week’s focus is alternative pronunciations for ch and ou.

Have a go at spelling the following words using our

‘Look, Cover, Write, Check’ method.

Spellings: church, chick, school, chord, chef, you, soup, group, round, proud


Once you have practised your spellings a few times and found some words in your books, have a go at these games:


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