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English and Phonics


Let’s start by watching the video about the owl who was afraid of the dark.

The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark

Recommended by Mrs Nester! Words by Jill Tomlinson Illustrated by Paul Howard Published by Egmont

What did you think of the story? How did it make you feel? Can you paint a picture of Plop?

Plop does not like his name so can you make a list of names that you might like to call your owl? Now can you choose your favourite?

Reception can you complete the activity below on ‘where does plop live’? Did you know that owls lived in tree’s?



Year 1s you are going to look at plurals and when and how they are used. Watch the short video from Oxford Owl to help you.

now have a go at this lesson from The Oak National Academy

Year 1 plurals



Why do you think Plop was afraid of the dark? Are you afraid of the dark? If you are do you know why?


Have a go at the activity at the end of this section called ‘who said dark is..’


Reception we are going to retell the story now. If you are at home then see if you can retell the story to an adult. If you are at school then we will retell the story altogether as a class and the teacher will write it on the IWB.


Can the adult at home write down what you remember? Now can you read it back to the adult?  What was your favourite part?


Don’t forget ‘show and tell’ time. Can you tell your friends about a time that you felt scared? Maybe you are afraid of the fireworks too? Perhaps you don’t like it when you are away from your Mummy?


Year 1s Can you remember a time in the past that you felt afraid? Maybe you were afraid of the dark too? Perhaps you saw a spider in the bathroom and you were scared. Can you tell an adult or a friend about it? Now can you write it down? Remember to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Don’t forget you are talking about yourself so remember to write in the first person by using ‘I’ in your writing.







This week we are learning about another trigraph. It is ure as in sure. Remember it is 3 letters that make 1 sound.


Have a go at writing ure on your leg. Now write it on a piece of paper. Can you think of any words with the sound ure in?


Let’s have a look at Mr Thorne to help us. Did you think of the same words?


Now work through the Letters and Sounds video.


Don’t forget Geraldine the giraffe


Have a go at the resources below.



Year 1’s


This week’s focus is alternative spellings for ‘igh’ and ‘f’.

Have a go at spelling the following words using our

‘Look, Cover, Write, Check’ method.

Spellings: fight, sight, might, kite, polite, phase, alphabet, cuff, puff, fluff

Watch the following videos describing the phoneme (sound) f that is written down as ph (the grapheme) and


the igh phoneme as the grapheme i_e.


Here are some other activities to try throughout the week: