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Bonjour! Fancy doing some French? We'd like you to listen to the song 'Old MacDonald had a Farm' and then draw and label (in French) your own farm!

Week 12 - Hobbies

Watch this video clip about different hobbies. 

Have a go at telling an adult what you like to do!

Tu aimes faire quoi? (What do you like to do?)

J'aime/J'adore... (I like/I love)

Have a go at doing the worksheet below to help with your vocabulary! 

Week 11

This week, we're thinking about directions!

Here is a video for you to watch!

Below, you'll find a helpful powerpoint for you to get to grips with some vocabulary and a fun activity for you to practise using your new vocabulary! Have fun!

Week 9

Watch this video, to start learning about French food vocabulary!

Activity 1

Use the resources below to practise your food vocabulary by playing a game of bingo!

Activity 2

Can you draw a pizza, and label all the ingredients in french?

Meet the Family and Greetings

Watch this BBC clip. 

  • Can you recognise those greetings again? 
  • What are the words for brothers, sisters? 
  • Can you describe your family in French like Lili does? 
  • Find out the correct spellings for these words and create your own family word bank.