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Friday 2nd July

Letters and Sounds 


Reception -  This week we are learning the Phase 3 digraph: air as in pair.


Phonics Play

Phonics Bloom



Year 1 - Spelling Test - alternative pronunciation of /c/






Let's continue our learning all about shapes. How many can you find around the house? Put them in a 'feely' bag or behind your back. Can you tell me which shape you are feeling without looking at it? It can be any shape at all! Can you use their correct names such as a cone, sphere, cube, cuboid? How many faces has your shape got? What is the name of the shape? Does it have a circle face? Any square faces? Model mathematical vocabulary to describe their properties.


If you have any playdough at home, can you make your own 3D shapes? Roll a cylinder. Roll a sphere. Can you use the 3D shapes you have made to make a mini-beast? How will you fit the shapes together?




In RE we have been learning about different places of worship.  We have learnt about churches, mosques, Gurdwaras and Synagogues.  Write key facts about each place of worship; this can be presented in any way.  You could consider the following:

- The key features of each and how it is used, e.g. celebrations

- The ways in which people of these religions worship

- The symbols that are linked to this religion.