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Week 11

This week we will be focussed on understanding that different products are imported to and exported from the UK.  Look at the PowerPoint for some of the different products we import/export. Have a look if you have some of the products in your home and look where they are from! 

NEW Film Studio Hunt!

Can you investigate where the ‘big 5’ main film studios are in LA and locate them on Google maps? 

  • Are they all in the same area of LA? Draw a map!
  • Are they close enough to walk between or would you travel in a different way? 
  • Make your own ‘fact sheet’ that could be useful for a tourist to take to LA with them.


California Challenge!

Here's a challenge for you! Can you create a poster or a leaflet telling us all about California?

Here are some questions you could use to help structure your work!

  • Where is California? What country? What continent?
  • Is it a city? Is it bigger than a city? Is it smaller than a city?
  • Is it an urban place or a rural place?
  • Can you use resources like maps, Google Maps or Google Earth to find California? If you can find it, do you recognise any place names in California? Where do you recognise them from?