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Our Geography lesson will explore the beauty of Madagascar. We do need to understand that Madagascar is not only full of incredible landscapes and amazing animals, It has growing and thriving cities! 



Using the videos to help you picture the landscapes of Madagascar. 

There is a new uninhabited island just south of Madagascar... 


You are going to explore this beautiful island! 


You are going to need to; 

1) Draw a map of the island once you have explored it. 

2) Identify all the animals which live on the island and explores it waters... (Think about the wildlife in Africa) 

3) Explore what food may grow on this island.



Finally you will need to write a short report;

1) In your report you will need to writing everything you have found on the Island. (Animals, food etc)


2) Also whether you feel this Island would be good to live on and why? 


If you feel this Island should stay uninhabited and why? (Could it be dangerous? Protecting Rare wildlife?)


Be creative, draw maps, draw the animals, Annotate you own maps smiley



Best of Madagascar 360 degrees Samsung Gear 360 Virtual Reality

Best of our Madagascar trip 2017 in Virtual Reality. Including the Madagascar highlights Tsingy de Bemaraha, Allee de Baobab, Ile Sainte Marie, Andasibe Nati...

Madagascar 4K - Drone - Travel Video

Madagascar in 4K 2018

Introducing Madagascar


The wildlife, the people, the nature. No place is like Madagascar, this big, mystical island off the African coast. This video seeks to give a vivid portrait...