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Lights, Camera, Action!

Our new Summer Term topic is looking at the leisure and entertainment industry and this week we explore how football has changed over the 20th century! Click here for this weeks lesson!

Spring Term Learning

In the Spring Term we were learning all about The Vikings! Have a look at some of the activities and sources below to further your learning.

We already know that the Vikings came from Scandinavia. But did you know the language they spoke is now called Old Norse? Did you also know, we still use a lot of their words today! Use this sheet to explore Old Norse words, what they mean and how we still use them today! Email in your answers to see if you got them right!
The Vikings also had a unique way of naming themselves. Have a look at how they did it and see if you can create your own Viking name!
Have a look through this powerpoint about some Viking gods! Could you create a poster or a leaflet to show what you learned?