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Home Learning Guidance

As the school was instructed to close, on Friday 20th March for most of its pupils-following government guidance, we want to take this opportunity to signpost a range of ‘Home-Learning’ resources which are available and accessible for your child/ren to use whilst at home.


We appreciate that keeping children engaged in their learning, can seem daunting.  After some consideration, we have compiled a series of resources and activities which can be completed both independently and/or with adult support.


At this time, it seems important to try and maintain an organised and ‘school friendly’ day, whilst the children are self-isolating at home. 


Please find below a suggested way of organising the learning opportunities during the 'Home-Learning' day:

The organisation of these 'Academic' activities may seem difficult for our parents.  We would suggest a ‘pick n mix’ approach to the ‘Home-Learning’ day-choosing activities or subjects which interest your child/ren. 


Please view the link below for a suggestion of daily academic activities, your child/ren should do:

At this difficult time, you and/or your child/ren may be anxious or worried about the current situation.  Please use the link below to explore resources which you may find useful:
Perhaps you could consider conducting an act of Collective Worship?  Use the link below to access FREE resources designed to support parents deal with the 'big questions' in delivering home-based acts of worship:
Please use the pages below to extend the learning opportunities, at home.  Remember to 'pick n mix' the activities throughout the day and across the week:
Academic Ideas
Creative Ideas
Physical Activity Ideas
For those parents supporting children with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities, at home, use the link below:

During the forced school closures your child/ren will be using the internet to access information and resources.  


Please click the link below for further advice and guidance on 'Keeping your child/ren safe while working online.'