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Home School Learning

If you are unable to be at school at this time here are some activities for you to complete whilst you are at home.


Year One BBC Bitesize - We are currently learning about 'Number and Place Value' in Maths.

                                        and 'Naming and Ordering Letters' and 'Showing Understanding of a text' in English.


There are also some activities to complete using the Oak National Academy Numbers to 10

                                                                                    Numbers to 20


Topic work

Make a note of all the different sounds you can hear in your house. Close your eyes, can you hear anymore? Write down the sounds you can hear. How many have you written down?

Go outside. Are the sounds different? What is making the sounds? Add to your list. 


We are also looking more closely at our wonderful world. What do you like the best about the nature around you? Can you create a piece of art work showing your favourite things about our world? Maybe you could use some natural materials from outside to add to your art.


We are looking forward to colour mixing with paint. We are going to start to mix the three primary colours. Red, Yellow and Blue. Discover the colours you can create when you mix two primary colours together. These new colours are called secondary colours.


Don't forget to stay fit and healthy by drinking lots of water, eating lots of fruit and vegetables and keeping active. Here is some Cosmic Yoga to keep you moving.