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How can I support my child with SEND needs during isolation?

During a National Lockdown or when a child has to self-isolate, due to coming into contact with COVID, we will continue to support all those that need it.


In accordance with government guidelines, those children at Barrowby CE Primary School with an Education, Health and Care Plan are entitled to attend school, during a National Lockdown, if they wish.


If attending school, their EHCP requirements will be met in school. If parents of children with an EHCP choose not to attend school then:

  • Weekly Well-Being telephone calls will be undertaken by the SENCo to ensure that parents are supporting their child and feel they have the support and resources in place to support their child with the work set virtually.
  • All activities relating to EHCP e,g, reviews will continue to take place during a National Lockdown.


For those children that are on the SEND register and are without EHCP’s, a range of support is available.


In Key Stage 1, class teachers:

  • communicate learning intentions and activities through the Class Pages of the school website;
  • are contactable via Tapestry for Reception, email for Reception and Year 1&2.


In Key Stage 2, class teachers:

  • communicate learning intentions and activities through MS TEAMs, by;providing a series of 'Live Lessons' with their class every day, with opportunities for both teacher and pupil to interact, during these lessons e.g. class teacher provide feedback and scaffolding throughout the day on work submitted via MS TEAMs to ensure children have understood their learning.


All teachers will continue to monitor pupil engagement and liaise with parents and/or colleagues to broker support in accordance with the school's Monitoring Pupil Engagement Guidance.