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We will regularly add a range of maths activities to help develop your problem solving skills. We have added some 'daily maths activities' for you have a go at with some guidance videos to talk you through some of the methods. Also remember to keep practising your times tables!


Week 17 and 18

For the next week (and two days!), here are some fun activities to test out your Maths knowledge from across the year!

If you fancy an extra challenge, with our weekly theme of 'Reflection', you could reflect on your hard work in Maths this year... is there an area of Maths you have improved on? An area in particular you really enjoyed? You could have a go at writing about how you have found Year 5 Maths!

Daily Maths

Figure Me Out!

Here are some facts about Miss Kirk but you need to solve the clues to find the answers! See how many you can find!

Bonus challenge: Can you create your own Figure Me Out challenge?

Helpful Videos
Mental Maths
Reasoning and Problem Solving Activities