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Weekly Warm Up (Mental Maths)

Year One - I can count in multiples of 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.

Monday - Write numbers 0-20 then circle every other number starting with number 0. Read out all the circled 

                numbers. These are all even numbers. Can you hear a pattern as you say the numbers?

Tuesday - Can you count in 10s up to one hundred? count again but this time start at 100 and count 

                  backwards in 10s. Look back at yesterday's circled numbers and read out the even numbers again.

WednesdayClick here to listen and join in with the counting in fives song.

Thursday -

Look at the numbers above. They are all the even numbers - you say each one when you are counting in twos starting with an even number. Look at the second digit in each number (the ones). Can you see a pattern? They are either 0, 2, 4, 6 or 8! Can you count in twos! Read the numbers then keep practising so you can begin to look away from the numbers and say them on your own. 

Can you see the multiples of ten? What do they all end in? Zero! Count in 10s up to 100. Then back down again.

Here is another counting in fives song that counts at a quicker speed - can you keep up?! Click here.

Friday - Repeat, repeat, repeat! Keep practising counting in 2's, 5's and 10s.


Reception - I can find one more/one less of any given number.

Monday - (Write out numbers 0-20). Put a small toy/counter/coin on to one more than 5, put another toy on

                one less than 10, repeat until all the numbers are covered up. You could turn this into a family game

                by sharing numbers between family members and the first to cover their numbers wins!

Tuesday - Hide a number behind your back and give your child clues. e.g. I am one more than 6 and one less

                 than 8, what number am I? 7! Repeat with different numbers.

Wednesday - Place numbers around the garden/living room. Run to one more than... Run to one less than...

Thursday - Click here to play Chopper Rescue. Once you are on the web page, click the picture to play the


Friday - Choose your favourite activity from the week and have another go!

Capacity and Volume

Welcome to the Wild West Saloon!


Let's join in with some Wild West Role Play

Take it in turns to be the owner of the saloon. When a cowboy/cowgirl customer comes in they need to pick a card (see below) and the owner needs to fill up the glass for their customer. Will their glass be full, half full, empty, half empty, nearly empty, nearly full? Get your toys involved! They could be customers too. Share out the cards and give them their correct drink! 

Year One: Cut and stick the cups into the correct order from full to empty. Label the cups. Use the cards to support your spelling if needed. 

Reception: Look at all the glasses filled with different amounts of drink. Can you put them into order from full to empty. Use the cards to help you. Don't forget to post a picture/video on Tapestry.


Work your way through the Powerpoint below introducing the scale on the side of a measuring jug as millilitres (ml). If you have any measuring jugs at home, have a look together, what numbers can you see? Are any numbers missing? Year Ones - your counting in 2's, 5's and 10s might come in very handy this week!

In the PowerPoint - Reception - count the lines to find the correct answer. Year One - begin to use your mental maths skills to count in the jug's scale - e.g. count in 2s.


Now you have practised together complete your activity:

Year One: Colour in the jugs with to the correct millilitre. You will need to count in 2s on page one and in 10s on

                   page 2.

Reception: Collect lots of different containers e.g. buckets, bowls, bottles, etc. Which container do you think will hold the most amount of water? Put the containers in to the order you predict. Now, use a cup or scoop to fill up each one, count carefully and write down the total. At the end look at all the totals, did you get your order correct? Why/why not. (It's always fun to get a tall, thin container to compare with a short, wide container - this could open up the discussion about volume e.g. just because the bottle is the tallest doesn't mean it has held the most).


Let's go back to the Wild West Saloon today! 


Wild West Role Play! Have a wide selection of cups.

Which cup might you choose if you wanted a lot to drink?  Why?
Which one would you choose if you did not want a lot to drink?  Why?
Can you arrange the cups in a line from the one that holds the most liquid to the one that holds the least liquid? How will you test whether you are right?

Let’s predict. How many cups will fill the pot? This cup will be your non-standard unit so make sure you make it fair and fill it right up to the top!

Will this next pot be more or less? Let’s find out!

Year One: Problem Solving 

The cowboys and cowgirls are going on a long journey on their horses, you need to pack them with a container that will hold the most amount of water as it will be very hot and they'll need lots of water to drink.

Gather a wide range of bottles/bowl/jars etc.

I wonder which holds the most/least liquid?
Use estimation first of all.
How could you find out?  Explore!

Can you find a way of counting how many "small container-fulls" each will hold?
Can you find a better way? Use a measuring jug! Find out how many millilitres each container holds. Write down your findings. Which container will be the best for the journey?

Reception: Cut and stick the cups into order (sheet below) whilst practising your cutting skills. Can you tell your adult how full the cup is? They can label it for you.


Some problem solving to end the week




Year One: