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In Maths this week we will be learning about measuring.  Do you have any dinosaurs in your house?  If you do, collect as many as you can.  How many have you got?  Are they all the same?  Can you talk about some of the similarities and differences?  What do you notice about their size?  

Encourage your child to think about the size of the dinosaurs, using vocabulary, such as short, long, tall, etc.


1st lesson...can you put your dinosaurs in order from the smallest to the largest, using direct comparison? 

If you have too many to order all, please use a smaller selection. If you don't have any toy dinosaurs, please feel free to use other toys or use the worksheet attached below.



2nd Lesson - We are going to continue thinking about measuring.  Think about your dinosaurs yesterday, which was the tallest?  Let's find how big these dinosaurs really were!  You will need a tape measure, fact cards (see below) and something to mark out the length of each dinosaur.  Carefully measure out the length of each dinosaur.  Lie down next to the length marked out.  Can you estimate how many of you would be the same length as each dinosaur.  How many dinosaurs can you measure? 



3rd lesson... we are going to measure our dinosaurs, using non-standard units of measurement.  You will need a selection of dinosaurs, penne pasta and a way to record your findings.  Pick a dinosaur and identify whether to measure the length or the height.  Using the pasta measure your dinosaur and record your answer.  Remember not to leave any gaps between the pasta pieces when you are using them to measure (please see the example below).




4th lesson... In this lesson, please leave a selection of dinosaurs, a tape measure, non standard of units available in your house, e.g. pasta, paper clips, marbles, Lego (ideally these all need to be the same length and size), fact cards, paper and pencils.  Allow your children to direct their own learning.  Are they able to apply their knowledge to order dinosaurs, measure them, etc?