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Place Value

Can you add 9, 10 and 11 to numbers?  What happens to the tens and ones when you do this?  Do you notice a pattern?  Can you find a quick way to add 9, 10 and 11 mentally?  Will you need to use subtraction?


Use the sheets below to help you practise this skill.



Can you count in steps of 5?  What happens to the numbers as you count on?  Can you describe the pattern?  Can you list all the multiples of 5 up to 100?  Challenge yourself and try our numbers beyond 100- how do you know of they are a multiple of 5?


Multiplication Code Breaker

Can you use your knowledge of times tables to break to code and reveal the pond creature?

Look at the code.  What do you notice?  How could it be used?

Try to unravel and identify pond creatures by answering multiplication questions and using the answers to find a letter from the code tables and eventually make a word.  Remember to use jottings e.g arrays if necessary to help with more difficult multiplications. (I will post a video about arrays to help you)

Once you’ve revealed the creatures why not create your own multiplications using the code for your parents to solve?!  Remember to use the code to spell out pond creatures!



Please note:  The attached worksheets are for illustration purposes and children should be able to access all of the activities using plain paper if you are unable to print.