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Volume and Capacity - water play activity.

In the context of this activity...

  • Capacity is the amount of water a container can hold.
  • Volume is the amount of space water takes up.


Ask an adult to help you collect a variety of empty, plastic containers from around the house...(empty shampoo bottles, bubble bath bottles, plastic cups,squash bottles, milk cartons etc...)

Experiment with them in the garden, or maybe in the bath, and estimate which one you think would...

  • hold the most?
  • hold the least?
  • does the tallest one hold the most?
  • does the shortest one hold the least?
  • which is the narrowest container?
  • Do any containers hold an equal amount?
  • Which two containers would fit into one?


Picture 1
  • Do any of the containers have a scale on the side?
  • Can you see what unit the liquid is measured in?
  • Look at the resources below and have a go at the activities all to do with 'Volume and Capacity'!

This week for maths, try and follow the BBC Bitesize Daily Maths lessons for Year 1 and Year 2.

They include engaging videos, informative slideshows, relevant activities and challenges as well as easy to print worksheets. It really is a great resource, give it a try!


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  • Repeated addition and multiplication 5 times table
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Year 1 work is all about measure.

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  • Solving problems involving height and length
  • Comparing mass
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