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This week we are looking at 2D and 3D shapes.

Have a look at this 2D shape song

Did you remember all of the shape names? Now watch these videos

What are 2D shapes on BBC Bitesize  

What are 3D shapes

Can you make your own castle out of different shapes? Maybe cut out some squares, triangles and rectangles and stick them onto paper in the shape of a castle.

Have a look at the 2D shapes power point below.

Go on a shape hunt at your house or in your garden. Maybe go on a shape hunt walk. What shapes can you find? Can you make a list? Which shape did you find the most of? Which shape did you find the least of?

Have a look at these activities from the nrich website.

nrich activity 1

nrich activity 2 

Coloured squares activity

Now have a go at the resources listed below.