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More fractions!


Did you know that you can order different types of fractions?

The two types are called unit fractions and fractions with the same denominator.

Both unit fractions and fractions with the same denominator show us how much of the whole we are talking about, but depending on the numerator and denominator, they show you different amounts.


Ordering unit fractions

unit fraction is a fraction where the numerator is 1. The denominator can be any other whole number. A good way to remember it is by remembering that unit means one.

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The trick with ordering unit fractions is to look at the denominator.

The bigger the denominator, the smaller the fraction!

Think about a pizza. If you were sharing a pizza between two people, each person would get quite a large piece. They would both get ¹⁄₂.

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Now imagine you were sharing the same sized pizza with 8 people. The pizza would have to be cut up into even smaller pieces. Each person would only eat ¹⁄₈.


You can see that ¹⁄₂ is a larger fraction than ¹⁄₈.

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