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The Oak National Academy is helping you to learn more about mass and capacity this week.
Earlier in the year we had great fun learning about angles! Develop your skills this week with BBC Bitesize.

Angles are all around us. An angle is created when two straight lines meet.

Look at the picture below. Two of the pairs of pencils show angles, can you work out which ones?


If your answer was the pair on the left and the pair on the right, then you are correct. The pair in the middle does not show an angle because the lines do not touch.

The picture below shows a right angle. This is a special type of angle that is a quarter of a full turn.


You can check whether an angle is a right angle by using a set square, like in the picture below.


Two right angles together make a half turn…


So, three right angles make up three quarters of a full turn…



And four right angles make a full circle.


Try these: