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This week we are looking and organising data


Think about:


Using tally charts and find totals

Doubling numbers and recognising that x2 is the same as doubling


Can you remember the sections of an orchestra?  What instruments are played in each section.


Reveal animal orchestra pic and study it (see sheet below)


count the animals in each section of the orchestra using a tally.  Discus counting in 5s and how to work out the total.


If you are in Y2 can you apply your doubling skills by making the orchestra bigger?  Multiply each section by 2.  How many are there now?

Days of the Week


Do you know the days of the week and which order they go in? 

Watch and listen to the song to find out and then have a go at the activity. 


Which day do you do different things? When does the start of the school week begin and when does it finish? I know some of you go swimming, play football, basketball or go horse riding, but which day of the week do you do these things? You can add pictures to your work to show when you do different things.

Months of the Year


There are 12 months in a year but what order do they go in and do you know the different things that happen in the different months? Watch the song and sing it to help you remember, then have a go at matching the months to the picture and ordering them. Good luck!