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This week in Maths we are looking at multiplication and division.


Imagine you have got a packet of biscuits and 4 friends. You can use a real packet of biscuits and plates and four cuddly toys. You will need a plate each. How many plates are there altogether?  Let’s share the biscuits out evenly. How can we do this. Do you just guess? How will this not work! How can we do it? You need to keep giving one biscuit out at time, keep going until it is fair. (there may be some left over).


Have a go at the activities below for Monday's lesson to reinforce this. Cut out the fruit and then share them fairly between the circles on the tables.







Can you fairly share some conkers into pots? How many are in the pots? Write the number down. Can all numbers be shared fairly? Maybe you have some left over?


Use different objects around the house. You could use pasta, cheerios, sweets, fruit or small toys. Find some teddy's and share out your objects. Reception I would love a photo of you doing this and pop in onto Tapestry.

Year 1s  

Let's have a look at arrays


Can you remember how to do 2 lots of 5 with cubes, cheerios, biscuits? 


On a piece of paper draw circles for 6 lots of 2. E.g. :::::: 4 lots of 2. E.g. ::::

How many circles have you got altogether? Count in 2’s. 

Take a look at the video below to help you.


Reception Use a mirror to multiply! Pick a number and count the same amount of objects out. Again you can use small objects you have around your home. Let’s multiply them! Put the mirror up, how many objects have you got now? Count the objects and the reflections! You have doubled your number. You have multiplied it! I would love a picture of this!! Pop it onto Tapestry.


Have a go at rolling a dice. If you don't have a dice can you make one? How many dots are there? Build a tower that has that many bricks.


Year 1s 


carry on with your arrays. Have a go at the activity below.




Keep practising your sharing fairly of objects. How many of your teddy's can you share between? 

Have a go at the activity below.

Year 1s


Can you make your own array patterns? You could use raisins or cheerios. Stick them onto paper. Have a go at making these arrays. 2 lots of 4, 5 lots of 2, 3 lots of 2, 2 lots of 5, 4 lots of 2, 2 lots of 3, 3 lots of 3 and 8 lots of 2

Take a photo and send it to the school email. I would love to see your work. Have a look back at the short clip about array's if you are struggling.