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This week we are learning all about time!



Count up to 30 and back again. Year 1s can you count in 2s?

Find a clock and with an adult discuss what the big hand and the little hand is for. Where does the big hand need to be if we want to tell the time to the hour? Point to where the hands need to be for these times.


1 o' clock

3 o' clock

6 o' clock

10 o' clock

9 o' clock


complete the activities below.

Tuesday: Can you make your own clock at home? Make some numbers to 12 and position them like a clock. Use some sticks, kitchen utensils or rulers for the hands. Get an adult to tell you an o' clock time to make. I would love to see some pictures of your clocks.


Year 1s after you have made your clock can you draw a picture of it too?


Have a game of What's the Time Mr Wolf.


Use a stopwatch/timer and see how many jumps you can do in a minute. How many hops can you do in 2 minutes? Can you do it again and beat your score?


Wednesday: Let's sing the days of the week song. How many days are in a week? Year 1s can you write them down in the correct order?

Reception have a look at Billy Bear's Busy week power point below. After, can you draw a picture of what you like to do on Saturday?

Year 1s can you complete the months of the year activity below? Have a look at this song first to help you.



Months of the Year Song | Song for Kids | The Singing Walrus

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Thursday: Go on a clock hunt. Ask an adult to print off and hide the clocks around the house. Use the tick sheet to tick off the clocks you can find. Maybe the next time you do it can you get an adult to time how long it takes you to find all of the clocks. Can you beat that time?

Friday:  Think about what you do during the day. What day is it? What time do you get up? What time do you have breakfast? What time do you have lunch? Year 1s can you keep a diary of the times that you do things in the day? You can write down the time and a sentence about what you are doing. You can even draw a picture too. Don't forget to use your phonic knowledge when you write the day and your sentence. You can email me your finished work.  Reception can you draw a picture of what you are doing at 10 o' clock? I would love to see your picture on Tapestry.


Have fun and keep checking the clock to see if you can tell the time.