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Meet the Governors

Barrowby Church of England Primary School’s Governing Body meets regularly throughout  the school  year as a  full  governing body and also through its committees.
The Governing Body  is supportive of the staff, pupils and parents, working  together to  provide  education of the highest quality.

There are different ways to serve the same Lord, and we can each do different things.

Yet the same God works in all of us and helps us in everything we do.

1 Corinthians 12:   5-6

 From time to time, opportunities to stand as Parent Governors will be advertised to you. 
 All correspondence for the governors should be addressed to: The Clerk to the Governors, c/o Barrowby Church of England Primary School, Church Street, Barrowby, Grantham, Linc, NG32 1BX.


Please go to 'Governor Profiles' to learn more about our Governors!

Main Duties and Responsibilities of School Governors.

School Governors come from a wide range of backgrounds. They are not expected to be experts in educational matters, as these are the responsibility of the headteacher and the teaching staff of the school.


The role of the School Governor and the Governing Body is to take a strategic overview of the issues relating to the school and to set a broad framework within which the headteacher can operate.


The work of the Governor is concerned with the general oversight of the conduct of the school, with the Headteacher responsible for the internal organisation and leadership and  management.


The School Governor is expected to:

* work as a member of the Governing Body for the best  interests of the school.

* attend the regular meetings and special meetings of the Governing Body

* serve on committees which deal with the Governing Body's legal obligations.

* become familiar with general educational issues and developments

* take an interest in school activities

* promote the school within the local community

* be able to commit time to the duties and responsibilities of a Governor

* be prepared to become involved in:

- governor training

- the school development plan

- the school curriculum

- health and safety matters.


The full Governing Body meets at least four times per year. Minutes from these meetings are available to view at the school office. Governors, and their terms of office, are below.


Chair of Governors                             Vice Chair
     Mrs Sarah Cooley                                Mr Rick Nicholls


Mr Len Batey (Headteacher) ex officio 01.09.2012-31.08.2020

Foundation Governors

(Appointed by Lincoln Diocese, and representing Barrowby Church PCC)

Mrs Kate Waghorn 29.10.2018 -28.10.2022

Mrs Fiona Barney 26.09.2017-25.09.2021


Local Authority Governors (appointed by the Local Authority)

Mr Bijal Ladva 30.06.2017-29.06.2021


Parent Governors (elected by parents)

Mr Theo Banos

Mr Steven Clark


Staff Governors (elected by school staff)

Mrs Laura-Jo Webster 01.02.2017-31.01.2021


Co-opted Governors (appointed by the Governing Body)

Mrs Sarah Cooley 26.09.2017-25.09.2021

Mr Rick Nicholls 26.09.2017-25.09.2021

Mrs Ellie Atter 21.02.2017-20.02.2021

1 vacancy


Clerk to the Governors:

Mrs Denise Reed.

A register of Business and Personal Interests is kept, and updated as required, and at least annually. At present there are no declared business or personal interests or associations.


Attendance at Full Governor Body Meetings

Full Governors' Meetings 26/09/2017 21/11/2017 13/03/2018 22/05/2018
Ellie Atter y y y y
Theo Banos     y y
Fiona Barney y y y y
Len Batey y y y y
Steven Clark     y y
Sarah Cooley y y y y
Peter Hopkins   y y y
Bijal Ladva y y y y
Rick Nicholls y y y y
Kate Waghorn y y y y
Laura-Jo Webster y y y y